Estate Planning

Our approach to estate planning begins with an open and honest discussion with you. Our Family Wealth Guardians listen to your objectives for transferring your wealth to the next generation. This collaboration on your strategy considers your unique family dynamics and needs. We formalize an estate strategy that identifies the recipients of your wealth and how you want them to receive it. In addition, we strive to strategically minimize the transfer costs such as death taxes, income taxes, probate fees and other estate administration costs. Beyond a will, ancillary documents such as a revocable trust, irrevocable trust, a durable power of attorney, and a living will can play an important part of a well-documented estate strategy. Asset ownership must be coordinated with clearly written legal documents for estate planning to achieve your goals of wealth transfer at death. If you need a vetted professional to assist with these ancillary documents, we can connect you with one of our strategic partners.