Gift Planning

Gift planning can be an essential strategy to transfer wealth to the next generation and/or a charity that you want to financially support. Our Family Wealth Guardians work closely with you to handle all your gift planning needs. We begin with an open and honest discussion about your family and charitable passions. We listen to your goals and requirements for transferring your wealth to those you designate. We formalize a gift strategy that identifies the specific recipients of your wealth and how you want them to receive it, including any stipulations you might have. Trusts and family partnerships are often part of the discussion and may become part of the strategy. We strive to strategically help you minimize tax liabilities and maximize tax benefits. In addition to a will, we work collaboratively with you and your family’s attorney to make sure that all the ancillary documents are aligned with your final gifting strategy. As appropriate, we can connect you with our vetted strategic partners who can assist you with these ancillary documents.