Long-term Care Planning

Consideration of potential long term care cost is a vital part of your retirement plan. That is why our Family Wealth Guardians work with you on a strategy to seek to protect your life savings in the event you or your family requires long-term care. Health care costs continue to be a large percentage of retirement spending. The future of Medicare is uncertain, and might not cover your long-term care. In addition, maintenance care is not covered by private medical insurance or Medicare supplement plans. This is why many nursing homes and assisted living residents end up depleting their assets on long-term care. The best time to develop a long-term care strategy and seek to protect assets for your loved ones is when you are still healthy.  Appropriate financial planning now can strive to help prevent your lifetime of wealth accumulation from falling short when you need it most.  Our Family Wealth Guardians look at your situation and collaborate with you on a long-term care plan that considers available solutions for you and your family. These can include:

  • Long-term care protection strategies
  • Long-term care insurance
  • Financial planning and guidance
  • Wealth transfer strategies
  • Best-in-class partners who provide specific long-term care legal work including trust work, power of attorney preparation, and asset titling changes

As your  financial caretaker, our Family Wealth Guardians strive to protect your family’s future.